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We'd like to welcome you to Journeys of the World. We are passionate about everything related to photography & travel from a fresh, colorful and dynamic perspective. In addition to being commited to those 2 core ingredients, we strive to redefine their meaning while bringing awareness to the largest possible audience. This also includes our belief in sustaining our natural travel photography™ imagery , even if we continue to explore new forms of art and travel photography; including the inclusion of HDR to produce more contrast.

Now, you may wonder how it all begun. Essentially we started with "Journeys of Cinque Terre" which is the name given to our first travel photo publication back in 2003, covering the 5 famous villages off the coast of Italy. We were drawn to the area, after seeing a popular episode of the area, featuring Rick Steves, who helped put this place on the map. At which point, we found it to be logical to retain this format and explore further opportunities.

Fast forward to 2018, our approach & focus has matured, having travelled to 100's of towns, villages & natural parks across Europe & North America. We are more passionate than ever towards the conservation and promotion of ancient/medieval towns. We also enjoy covering charming villages of various sizes, along with medium size cities which tend to offer a rich history, along with a vibrant culture surrounded by natural beauty. We do enjoy covering large metropolitan areas of interest such as Paris, London or Miami, but this will be secondary to the smaller areas.

Over the next few years we will continue to explore many more places on both continents and relaunch our brand in 2019 with a full service platform. We expect to offer a vast selection of videos, downloable content, high quality fine art photography, a forum and a comprehensive guide to each location.

We look forward in sharing with you all of this great material.

Thanks for your continued support.






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